CustomICE Car Audio


Celica Stealth boxes

Generation 7 Toyota Celica ICEbox, stealth style custom fit subwoofer and amplifier enclosures. Space saving, safe, lightweight, great sound!
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The aim of Custom ICE is to provide you the client with outstanding audio, video and security solutions to your vehicle.

This site aims only to be a gateway to the setup you need. If you’re after something particular, get in touch as it’s the only way we can work together.

Installed in a manner specified by you, the end user of our systems.

For example you tell us, “I have two kids, and we use the car to travel on long journeys across Europe on holiday, so we need entertainment and screens in the back! But they like different things”

We advise a dual zone setup from a Sat-Nav Headunit allowing the front to do the navigation and the back can have a DVD, coupled with games console, video and audio input switching for the rear screens, and headphones!
Solution reached!

Don’t be fooled that we’re all about sensible solutions, we do the mad and loud stuff too! You need a full on fibreglass speaker builds in the doors and a huge sub and amp build in the boot. Leave it with us and you’ll get it.

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