ICEbox enclosures

Custom fit subwoofer and amplifier enclosures, stealth boot build style for Toyota Celica year 2000 onwards (Generation 7)

Made from high quality materials, from a lengthy design and development process in conjunction with Celica Club UK members, many of whom have bought these ICEbox enclosures so far.
These are a high end and well thought out enclosure, utilising the boot space to give maximum audio output for minimum loss of boot space, while retaining spare wheel access, and offering secure bolt-in fixing for safety

We offer a customisation for each customer, where you can send us the specifications of your equipment and we will customise each ICEbox to house your kit (some limitations apply see specifications)

Each ICEbox is hand made and carefully constructed to ensure you receive a top quality product.

We offer 3 individual box types as well as two package deals
Please note, all prices are for the boxes only, any equipment pictured is for illustrative purposes only and is not included in the price.
Should you want a full setup supplied please contact us.

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