ICEbox Order

Before ordering please make sure you can give us all the information we need to make your ICEbox sub or amp enclosure. Model numbers are handy for us too.
Please use millimeters when sending measurements. And make sure it’s accurate, as you are responsible for providing us with this information, once we make the box, we can’t make smaller cutouts!

We need all the dimensions for your sub, accuracy is really important.
Total diameter
Cutout diameter
mounting depth (must be under 170mm)

For 10” also required

mounting area width (usually difference between cutout and overall diameter)
Thickness of mounting area on sub, for recess depth.


Overall dimensions, including any lugs for securing the unit to a board.
Cable access position, which edge the terminals are found.

If you’re adding LEDs to the Amp ICEbox please let us know what colour you’d like, from Red, Green, Blue, White, Yellow, Aqua, Purple.

Example LED Lighting:

LED amps
10 or 12 inchdetail
bare amp box detail

Prices exclude pictured equipment (amps/subs) LEDs excluded unless stated and prices do not include shipping UK mainland only

Pass side sub ICEbox
Carpet colour
drivers sub ICEbox
Carpet colour
Amp ICEbox
LED or Standard

Pair deals

pair sub ICEbox
Carpet colour
amp and sub ICEbox
LED Lighting Amp Box
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