Custom Fibreglass boot build amp rack

This is our little demo car project. Hidden under the false floor is the 800W monoblock amplifier, powering the two 10” subwoofers in custom fibreglass enclosures with just enough air volume to run at decent levels.
The other two amplifiers on display run the remaining 6 door speakers in the cabin, again in custom fibreglass pods.
Access to the spare wheel and maximising the useable space were a must for this project.
Finished in gloss white for a clean contrasting look.

Custom fibreglass sub boxes
Custom reversing camera housing

A discrete custom fabricated resin housing for a full colour night vision reversing camera, a small project but immensely satisfying.
The number plate did need to be moved slightly to accommodate the housing, but it beats drilling large holes in bumpers!

Sound deadened Supra door

When installing upgrades, especially speakers and subwoofers. You need to have a think about sound damping and anti vibration matting or paste. This (MkIV) Toyota Supra’s door was in dire need of some damping. A layer of Autoleads ALSDM sheet too so much of the tinny vibration out it was well worth the added cost and weight for the customer’s satisfaction.

Focal woofer in Supra door

Some specially shaped adaptors for the sound dampened Toyota Supra allow fitment of uprated component speakers.
New speaker cable had been run in to the door using the cable access. This allows for far superior audio output over stock wiring, again a must when upgrading.

Vectra VXR build sub in wheel well
Vectra VXR custom boot build

Another boot build, this time in a Vauxhall Vecra VXR. The brief was to keep as much space available for normal use while adding a unique stylish touch and some good old thump from the sealed wheel well sub box. housing a 12” subwoofer and a monoblock amplifier, the wheel well was sound deadened, a 15mm MDF base added, the curves fibreglassed, and a 15mm top baffle added to house the sub, with decorative curves. All protected under a custom made drilled clear acrylic 12mm thick sheet recessed into the floor.

The entire floor was raised up and underneath the rest of the audio signal processing, cabling and general gubbins were neatly tidied away.

The floor itself was mounted on a sturdy frame, specially shaped to allow the side access hatches to open still, and finished in the closest match carpet to the stock finish.

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