Speaker Adaptors

Not the usual plastic mass produced adaptors, these are developed by us and made in the UK to the high standards to complement your installation.

We are always interested in new products, so if you think we need to make something for your car then let us know.

Toyta Supra Mk 4 (IV) rear speaker adaptors, to take 6x9 speakers

Leaherette trimmed 25mm thick specially shaped and custom cutout adaptors.

Please add speaker model or speaker cutout dimensions in the text box below.

Supra 6x9 leather
Speaker cutout dimensions
Supra 6x9 leatherclose

Please make sure you enter the dimensions for the cutout accurately, as once cut it is difficult to alter. If left blank we will use the standard size 220mm x 150mm.
Supplied with mounting screws (black) holed need to be drilled when fitting, screws direct into plastic panel, to return to stock, simply remove adaptor and replace OEM grille which will hide the small screw marks. Fitting guide supplied.

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